Scrunchies - Skinnies


Mix and match to create your very own 4-pack! Our Skinnies are available in 10 colours - rose, ivory, palladium, nuit, coal, champagne, emerald, olive, lilac and sky blue. Made from 100% pure mulberry silk, our scrunchies are designed to avoid hair creases and prevent hair breakage, it will hold your luscious locks and never leave kinks when you’re ready to let your hair down!

(Please include the 4 colours of your choice in your order remarks)

Care instructions:

Gentle hand washes work best for your new silk scrunchie. They are also dry cleanable and can be ironed inside-out using a cool iron. Wash in a separate, silk-only, load if possible. Protect the silk’s natural fibers by using a neutral or special detergent for silk to maintain the integrity of the fabric with every wash.


  • Includes 4/10 x scrunchies 
  • Material: 100% mulberry silk